[geo-discuss] second draft of email to signatories

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Wed Apr 5 13:39:29 UTC 2006

I think this is excellent Jo and pretty much ready to go. Couple of 
comments below.


Jo Walsh wrote:
> Here's a go at a second draft. It needs to be shorter, cover less. 
> So this will focus on asking for testimonials, and just offer URLs to
> representative-contact pages on the wiki.
> What needs to be done before this goes out:
> - Benjamin is working on better style for existing testimonies page
> - I need to set ACLs on the main pages so they don't get battered
> -------------------------
> dear [insert name],
> Thanks so much for signing the Public Geodata petition in support of
> open access to state-collected geographic information in Europe!
> Over 3200 people have now signed in support, representing almost every
> single European member state: http://petition.publicgeodata.org
> To help convince our representatives of the need for open access to
> state-collected geographic information in Europe, we're collecting 
> Testimonials and Statements of Support from businesses and academics

would take out caps i.e. testimonials rather than Testimonials

> who would really benefit from open access to public geodata.

would really benefit -> who would benefit

> If you are able to speak for your business or research group, 
> Please consider sending us a testimonial in support of the cause!

Please consider sending us a ... cause! ->
please send us a testimonial. It can be as short as a paragraph and 
should describe:

> It can be as short as a paragraph, and should describe:
>  * Who you are
>  * How large your business / research group is
>  * How you would benefit particularly from open access to geodata
> Please see http://publicgeodata.org/Testimonies for more details.
> Email your testimonial to us, with an optional picture of yourself, to
> testify at publicgeodata.org

this is really minor ;) but somehow I prefer: testimony at publicgeodata.org

> ----------------
> How else can you help?
> * Tell your friends about http://petition.publicgeodata.org/ 
> * Put a banner on your website: http://publicgeodata.org/Banners
> * Contact your representatives:
>   * http://publicgeodata.org/ContactYourMEP
>   * http://publicgeodata.org/ContactYourEnvironmentDepartment

I think we need more detail on this page before we send out. I also 
think it would be good to have country coordinators. Contacting govt 
dept will take some effort and knowledge ....


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