[geo-discuss] Re: petition.publicgeodata.org 4 Switzerland !

Benjamin Henrion bh at udev.org
Wed Apr 12 08:48:43 UTC 2006

Jo Walsh <jo at frot.org> [060411]:
> dear Felix, thanks for writing.
> On Tue, Apr 11, 2006 at 11:09:48PM +0200, eXception handler - Felix A. Kaegi wrote:
> > perfect petition - we not only love it - we need it - and quite very soon !
> >  
> > would you please also add the Country Switzerland to the petitions
> > address drop down list, so we could hand in the results also to the Swiss
> > Government
> > that does actually not belong to the EU.
> >  
> > PS: I've signet the petition without chooseing any country so far - but
> >        without data we cannot hand in the petition to the Swiss Government.
> You're the first Swiss person I've had this request from, but
> appreciate that it's a big issue, also for the Norwegians; it seems
> worse for them, because the Norwegian national mapping agency has been
> heavily involved in the INSPIRE design process and plan to implement
> whatever results from the Directive. 
> I've been reluctant to add non-EU member states to the petition, as it's
> about something so EU specific (a couple of Canadians have been in
> touch to talk about their local issues; but Canada is *in theory* a
> way ahead, slowly moving towards the open access stance in a pragmatic 
> way - http://geocoder.ca/ is built with public geodata for example)
> But Switzerland and Norway as special cases are probably ones that we
> should consider including, as they will both be very much affected by
> any EU Directive describing the public's right to access
> state-collected geodata...

Norway implements EU directives in their national law I think. Swiss do

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