[geo-discuss] tabled amendments

Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Wed Mar 1 23:29:35 UTC 2006

On Thu, Mar 02, 2006 at 12:06:11AM +0100, Benjamin Henrion wrote:
> Is there a list of amendments tabled?

There's a partial list which i am just looking at now, with 10 more
amendments which are still being translated and not yet visible.
from ccorbin's latest email update to EGIP:

The Second reading amendments 1 to 35 already appear on the above
mentioned URL.


just before the item regarding "Eco-labelling of fish" 
(barcoded, RFID, self-monitoring fish? my mind, at least, boggles.)

http://egip.jrc.it/date.html updates too slowly; 
i dropped a copy of the email into
http://publicgeodata.org/ENVI_Committee_March_21st_Meeting and hope to
expand that with a bit more detail, especially when we get to see the
next tranche of amendments. It would be good to compile a set of
responses to each amendment from the public access to geodata
perspective, this would help people out who want to interact with the
rapporteurs / committee members but don't have time to do the research.

What jumps out at me on an overview, is that there are two amendments for
deletion of the intellectual property rights get-out clauses on making
data available, which is great.

There's an amendment to reinstate the availability of "view services"
to the public for free (though we know this doesn't really make
technical sense and actually is more expensive to implement than download)

There is also an addition in the style of the Public Sector Information
Directive, "the total income from supplying documents shall not exceed 
the cost of collection, production, reproduction and dissemination". :/ 

And there's an amendment to delete the amendment which adds addressing / 
postal code data to the list of thematic types.

The addendum to this doc is interesting:
"Parliament was particularly minded to draw attention to the fact that
the public is entitled to certain information free of charge. However,
the proposal *does not rule out* the authorities asking for a *small
fee* when exchanging information."

I have heard that if we get onto an SDIC, or get connected to someone
on an SDIC, then we can get information about what happens in the
committee faster than it comes out onto the web. I wonder if Markus is
already in this position, given this url describing a "Free and Open
Source Software for Geospatial Data Infrastructure" SDIC:


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