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Benjamin Henrion bh at udev.org
Sat Mar 4 18:59:00 UTC 2006

On 23 January 2006, the <a href="http://ue.eu.int">Council of European
Union</a> has formally adopted a common position on the <a
href="http://publicgeodata.org/WhatIsInspire">Inspire Directive</a>,
which stipulates that Geographic Data collected by National Mapping
Agencies all over Europe should be owned by such agencies and not by the
Public. If the European Parliament does not reject this directive
proposal, INSPIRE will entrench a policy of charging citizens for
information they have already paid to collect, enforced by state
copyright over geographic information. Therefore, the <a
href="http://publicgeodata.org">PublicGeoData</a> initiative is
launching a campaign and a <a
href="http://petition.publicgeodata.org">petition</a> to ask the
rejection of this directive proposal.

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