[geo-discuss] compressed version of the analysis of second reading amendments

Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Tue Mar 14 22:16:06 UTC 2006

dear Rufus, thanks for the rhetorical jumpstart. 

On Tue, Mar 14, 2006 at 09:40:25AM +0000, Rufus Pollock wrote:
> >Amendment 21 (both searching and viewing of public geodata should be
> >free of cost) +
> -> (?) Search of and access to public geodata to be free of cost

this is is discovery (search) and view, not "access".
> >Amendment 22 (view services should be made freely available) +
> >Where the Council version reads, in regards to view, download and
> >transformation services, 
> >    Such services may be covered by disclaimers, click-licenses or
> >    licenses
> >This amendment removes the reference to licenses, shortening Article
> >14(3) just to read disclaimers or click-licenses. 
> This seems pretty minor (what is the difference between licenses and 
> click-licenses). Also the actual subject matter does not seem that 
> directly related to the summary (view services should be made freely 
> available)

I think this *is* important, but it's reading between the lines to
suggest that click-licenses will be free of cost, so i would drop this
easily. I'm glad i went back to re-check the docs, as Amendments 36-43 
were published yesterday and i thought they were all to do with the
thematic appendices, but they're not and a couple are also potential
show-stoppers for us.

Amendment 37 (Restricting availability of discovery services on the
basis of appropriate software) 

This adds a clause to recital 18 stating that discovery (search)
services for public geodata should only be freely available for data
    For which the level of detail achieved using available software is 
    sufficient for the visual representation of spatial data
Given that visual representation is not relevant for discovering
information about what data exists; that 'available' and 'sufficient'
are not described; this amendment will suppress sharing of data
between agencies as well as to the public.

Amendment 2 re-inserts the clause that "view services" should be freely
available, that is missing from this Amendment. Accepting Amendment 2
implies rejecting Amendment 37.

Amendment 41 (Access subject to intellectual property rights)
This adds a clause which states that the conditions relating to
availability and re-use of data in INSPIRE will be considered "subject
to intellectual property rights"

i need to go back and look at 5.2.b but i really need to go and
attempt to get on a plane *right now* and should be around from about
3,4 pm eu time tomorrow... sorry... i updated the word drafts with
your tweaks, Rufus, latest versions at 



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