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Tony Hirst a.j.hirst at open.ac.uk
Mon Mar 7 17:44:45 UTC 2011

Should we start logging these ideas as issues on bitbucket, even if there is no
intention to immediately resolve them?

Rufus - are you interested in/have time to do any maintenance of/customisation
of getTheData codebase? (No worries if not...)

Is this something we should maybe look for opportunities for for a small amount
of cash to pay for developer time attacking anything on the issue list?

eg I wonder if the open call to this OER funding round (£10k) from CETIS obo
might be worth looking at, eg in terms of getting a Q&A site up and running for
folk to ask others about OERs and maybe get grass roots sharing between folk
directly, as well as hosting practical/legal questions on OER reuse. Funding
could cover site setup and maybe a year's hosting fees, with a small amount of
edveloper funding to enhance the QandA codebase and maybe produce some
documentation/Social media promo material, as well as covering small amount of
time/travel for evangelism?

This was sort of the approach that was taken on JISCPress - funding covered dev
of digress.it Wordpress plugin, styling, training material production and proj
management, and resulted in a working site for JISC as well as improved and
open plugin for the rest of us...


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