[Getthedata-discuss] GetTheData social netwrok hooks

Tony Hirst a.j.hirst at open.ac.uk
Mon Mar 7 17:58:58 UTC 2011

I'm currently running a persistent twitter search in a tweetdeck column for
/know where data/ to try and identify folk I can reply to with a "have you
tried asking *where you can find XYZ* on getTheData.org #getTheData"

A couple of things came to mind around this whilst walking the dog today:

1) should we be syndicating that sort of search feed in GetTheData sidebar, or
on a two/three column getthedata front page, where we give equal weight to
questions on getThedata and data related questions from elsewhere?

2) should we be capturing and maybe syndicating a #getTheData hashtag feed on
site? It struck me that I have asked questions on twitter with the #getthedata
tag and that folk have replied in a tweet. I wonder if it's worth experimenting
with grabbing the getthedata feed, such that:
a) if a tweet with the tag is posted that 
b) contains a link to a gethedata question page and 
c) it receives a reply with a link to another page
d) we capture it and display it as a possible reply to the question on GTD?

This is a bit like capturing a 'remote trackback' via twitter?

Also, more generally:
3) should the front page, or a community page, be displaying news releases
about newly released data sets, data competitions etc, and maybe linking to
blogs in the area?

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