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Tony Hirst a.j.hirst at open.ac.uk
Thu Mar 17 11:51:02 UTC 2011

Firstly - thanks for setting up the twitterbot David :-)

Rufus - i'm not sure what effect include upper/lower sidebar panels has on
site, but I wonder - should we maybe have a link in the sidebar along lines of
"Track new questions via [@dataquestions] "

I also wonder about whter we could/should syndicate a search on #getTheData in
a sidebar?

 I'll start looking at pulling together a google custom search engine as well.
As part of this, I wonder if there's a way we can mine all questions and
answers (possibly along with vote count) for links to external sites. This
could be used to seed a CSE that searches over sites and/or pages referenced
form q and a, and maybe even boost/tweak rankings based on the number of votes
received by a q or a?


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