[humanities-dev] Deploying Textus on Heroku

Tom Oinn tom.oinn at okfn.org
Thu Aug 2 16:04:12 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I'm only just back hacking at Textus to get it finished (code complete
at least) by mid August, but one of our aims is to make it easy to
deploy to the cloud hosting platform Heroku. I'm a complete novice,
and it took me about half an hour - here are the steps I took on my
windows machine (with git and command line tools installed) I'd be
grateful if someone else fancies trying this from these instructions
so I know there isn't anything weird about my setup here (also people
on linux or OSX who know what they're doing and can help update them
for those operating systems)

Heroku Textus Installation

1) Install local Heroku tools
	Windows : download and install from https://toolbelt.herokuapp.com/	
2) Sign up for Heroku if you don't have an account
	(email confirmation appears to be very slow for gmail accounts!)
	You'll have to verify your account at https://api.heroku.com/account
by adding billing details, but no charges will be made (you can't add
addons without confirmed billing data apparently)
3) Login to Heroku from the command line, creating a new key if needed.
	> heroku login

4) Obtain a copy of the Textus code from github (you'll need the git
command line tool set up here), change directory into it and use the
heroku application creator
	> git clone git://github.com/okfn/textus.git
	> cd textus
	> heroku create

5) Configure the new application with the elastic search and mailgun addons
	> heroku addons:add bonsai
	> heroku addons:add mailgun:starter

6) Push the textus application to heroku
	> git push heroku master
	The last couple of lines of the response, assuming all has gone well,
will be something like:
	-----> Launching... done, v5
	       http://fathomless-peak-8970.herokuapp.com deployed to Heroku
	This address is your new textus server, open it in a web browser and
start uploading texts!

Tom Oinn
+44 (0) 20 8123 5142 or Skype ID 'tomoinn'

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