[humanities-dev] Deploying Textus on Heroku

Tom Oinn tom.oinn at okfn.org
Thu Aug 2 20:36:07 UTC 2012

(just as a follow-up, this is what you should see, I'm using windows +
mingw + console2 but other platforms will be similar)

Having never used Heroku before I'm very impressed at how well all
this works. Importantly for people on this list this means you can (or
will be able to) easily deploy your own specific instance of Textus
for whatever community you represent. Ten minutes to half an hour and
you'll have it up and running, a day or so spent loading texts in and
it'll have content and be ready for use.

We expect to have the new version finished by the end of the 16th
August, at which point while it won't have absolutely everything we'd
ideally like it will be solid and provide what we hope is a useful
feature set, so should be worth deploying! Anyone thinking they might
do this?

$ git clone git://github.com/okfn/textus.git
	Cloning into 'textus'...
	remote: Counting objects: 962, done.
	remote: Compressing objects: 100% (547/547), done.
	Receiving objects: 100% (962/962), 652.19 KiB | 232 KiB/s, done.
	Resolving deltas: 100% (542/542), done.
$ cd textus
$ heroku login
	Enter your Heroku credentials.
	Email: tom.oinn at okfn.org
	Password (typing will be hidden):
	Authentication successful.
$ heroku create
	Creating aqueous-cliffs-5696... done, stack is cedar
	http://aqueous-cliffs-5696.herokuapp.com/ |
git at heroku.com:aqueous-cliffs-5696.git
	Git remote heroku added
$ heroku rename mytextus
	Renaming aqueous-cliffs-5696 to mytextus... done
	http://mytextus.herokuapp.com/ | git at heroku.com:mytextus.git
	Git remote heroku updated
$ heroku addons:add bonsai
	Adding bonsai on mytextus... done, v2 (free)
	Use `heroku addons:docs bonsai` to view documentation.
$ heroku addons:add mailgun:starter
	Adding mailgun:starter on mytextus... done, v3 (free)
	Use `heroku addons:docs mailgun:starter` to view documentation.
$ git push heroku master
	Counting objects: 962, done.
	Delta compression using up to 8 threads.
	Compressing objects: 100% (891/891), done.
	Writing objects: 100% (962/962), 639.94 KiB | 45 KiB/s, done.
	Total 962 (delta 541), reused 79 (delta 45)
	-----> Heroku receiving push
	-----> Node.js app detected
	-----> Resolving engine versions
		   Using Node.js version: 0.6.20
		   Using npm version: 1.1.41
	-----> Fetching Node.js binaries
	-----> Vendoring node into slug
	-----> Installing dependencies with npm
		   npm http GET https://registry.npmjs.org/express
		   npm http GET https://registry.npmjs.org/elastical
		   Dependencies installed
	-----> Discovering process types
		   Procfile declares types -> web
	-----> Compiled slug size is 4.7MB
	-----> Launching... done, v5
		   http://mytextus.herokuapp.com deployed to Heroku
	To git at heroku.com:mytextus.git
	 * [new branch]      master -> master

Tom Oinn
+44 (0) 20 8123 5142 or Skype ID 'tomoinn'

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