[iRail] General meeting - 14/02

Yeri Tiete yeri at tiete.be
Wed Feb 2 19:52:08 UTC 2011

Dear list,
Hi guys,

I'd like to invite you the 14th of February for our very first general meeting. 

	14th February, 2010
	Start: 19h00 -- doors open at 18h45
	Meeting ends around 22h00
	Tour & Taxis, Brussels
	> http://goo.gl/maps/xcr3
	There will be a shuttle taking you from Brussels North to Tour & Taxi (and back again)
	A drink will be provided
	Everyone! :)
	npo member or not, anyone is welcome to participate in this.
	Of course, we would like all the npo members to attend.
	> Please confirm whether you can attend or not directly to this list or yeri at irail.be -- thanks !
	Those who can't attend, be sure to be on Skype! 

	And a final report on the wiki will be provided.
	Beamer and internet

	// If there's anything you want to discuss that's not on the planning, please let us know 
	- npo: what is it and what does it mean?
		> Becoming a member? 
		> Copyright; should I hand it over to the npo ?
		> @iRail.be e-mail addresses 
	- BeTrains 
		> Showcase
			* Qt
			* Bada
			* WP7 
			* BB Playbook
			* Android
	- iRail.be => new UI
	- API v2.0
		> New specification: more extensible
		> New requests: geolocation, POI ... 	
		> Requests from API-users fixed
		> Wrappers will slowly start using APIv2 in March
		> API v1.0 stays up and supported until 2012
		> Extensions: De Lijn, MIVB & TEC (hopefully!)

With Love, 
For valentine,
Yeri & Pieter

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