[iRail] iRail-Android

Yeri Tiete yeri at tiete.be
Tue Feb 15 23:23:33 UTC 2011

Dear list,

Upon request; an iRail-Android list has been created:

> http://lists.rootspirit.com/mailman/listinfo/irail-android
> irail-android at list.irail.be

Please subscribe to the corresponding list to discussing Android-related stuff.

FYI: Public archiving has been enabled.

As a reminder, Bada list is still at http://lists.rootspirit.com/mailman/listinfo/irail-bada -- irail-bada at list.irail.be (archiving disabled as requested).

As always, don't hesitate to contact me if you notice anything out of the ordinary (aka broken stuff) ! ;)

Happy hacking !

Kind regards,
Yeri Tiete
yeri at tiete.be
+32 (0)474/61.01.39

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