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jonathan orban jonathan_orban at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 25 11:03:42 UTC 2011

Hi Pieter and all,

> Yes, that's one of our plans for February. You summed up exactly what we
> are going to do. The timeframe that I see is that we should go 'alpha'
> in March. We will provide historical data through the same API and same
> calls. At this moment when you search for < +-2 weeks it will generate
> an error message.

That's great!

 > Are you interested in helping?
Given my php and java skills, I'm not going to be of great help for the api. But I'm most interested in designing statistical tools which make sense.

> It needs a lot of thinking: what needs to be saved into a database? Only
> the realtime information of that day? And does that need to be saved per
> hour/per minute or per vehicle that day? We don't need to save the
> static data for each day since that data doesn't change every year. We
> do however need to take into account that this static data changes in
> 2013 and has already changed a couple of times in the past;
> This is an engineering problem for February and I'm sure we will figure
> this out. As we have already written the real-time API, gathering the
> information itself is not difficult at al.

This is all very interesting but, unfortunately, I probably won't be able to make it on Feb 2nd. Do you plan on discussing this on the wiki or only in the meetup?


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