[iRail] SMS fight

Wouter Horré wouter at horre.be
Wed Jun 15 09:50:43 UTC 2011


2011/6/15 Tim Besard <tim.besard at gmail.com>:
>> It was to check whether you were awake ;)
> Hah, sure. Well, we can still improve upon the quality of the service (not
> that I have tested theirs). If iRail donates me a SIM card I could always
> have a go at it using some old Nokia phones I have lying around, gnokii, and
> a Perl script. Seems like a fun project.

As far as I know, SMS API's exist that let you send SMS from web
applications. Why reinvent the wheel ;-)

As for improving the quality. It think it would be cool to have a
(configurable) set of notification options:
* mail
* twitter replies
* Google Talk
* Android Cloud-to-device messaging
* others...

Or maybe it is easier (better?) to integrate with a service like
notifo (http://notifo.com/).


ps: This is my first mail on the list, so a quick introduction (some
people may know me from irc already). I have contributed some code to
the iRailForPython project in the past (see
https://github.com/wouterh). As for the future, I'll have very little
time in the coming months, so expect no major code contributions soon


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