[iRail] SMS fight

Tim Esselens tim.esselens at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 11:46:55 UTC 2011

> True, I was just thinking about a quick hack, hadn't sized that thought to a
> full blown project yet :-)

I've been thinking about this as well, but more from a messaging point
of view (I have an openamq background).

> arrival from brussel in oostende
< [14:40] past: 14:00+10 future: 15:00+5, 16:00, 17:00
> departs from brussel to oostende

> notify delay from Luik to Gent on weekdays between 6am and 8am
< [7:14] Current train Luik - Bxl has lost its connection to Gent,
next train to Gent on track 4 in 45mins
< [7:40] Connection to Gent on track 4 has been redirected to track 6
with +5mins delay

This is somewhat like an oldschool IRC bot (which might be an output
channel as well)

Tim Esselens

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