[iRail] Apps For Ghent - Competition!

Pieter Colpaert pieter.colpaert at gmail.com
Fri May 6 14:36:34 UTC 2011

Hey iRail people,

Tim Besard and Yeri Tiete (as I'm organising the event I'm limited in
participating) will participate as the iRail-team at Apps For Ghent. Is
there anyone (yes Jan, Bart and Joris, I'm looking in your direction ;))
willing to join this team to out-better the other teams such as:
 * iText (with the famous Bruno Lowagie)
 * 0x20 (We got to beat our friends of the hackerspace Ghent)
 * sumocoders
 * in the pocket
 * An alumni-hogent team with Cedric (our WP7-guy) and Tim De Pauw

If so, reply!

We've had some ideas yet:
 * Making an iRail stats page for Ghent Dampoort and Sint Pieters which
shows the delay of the trains in function of time for the past months
 * Making the iRail API work for De Lijn data and show off all our
applications working with De Lijn information (specifically for Ghent)
 * Creating an app for closest De Lijn stations to point of interests
and events.

Any other ideas?

More information: http://appsforghent.be


Pieter Colpaert

iRail vzw/asbl
+32 (0) 486/747122

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