[iRail] We need a catchy naam for a survey

Anne Swers swersanne at gmail.com
Thu Nov 24 13:00:05 UTC 2011

Hi !

We're a couple of students from the Catholic University-school of Limburg.
This year we're working on a survey on student mobility in Flanders.
Unfortunately we aren't quite the creative ones, so we're struggling to find a catchy name for the survey.

Most names likes studentmobility.be or studentenmobiliteit.be are already taken, so we're looking for something that 'sticks'.
The goal is to reach as much students as possible, that's why we need a rather cool name.

If you think you can help us, please reply, or contact us at twitter: @swersanne or @woutervddn or #mobiliteitsenquete.

Kind regards,
Anne Swers

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