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Yeri Tiete yeri at flatturtle.com
Wed Apr 4 20:45:37 UTC 2012

Update: apparently Ghendetta has also been transferred to iLibris today. :)

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On 04 Apr 2012, at 22:27, Yeri Tiete wrote:

> Dear List,
> The last 2 weeks iLibris and iRail have been working on a server migration. And as of today the transfer has been completed successfully.
> Everything related to iRail, except the API-v1.0 and Ghendetta, have been moved. DNSes should also have been updated by now, and you should all be using the new environment. Yay!
> The new API, data.iRail.be, running The DataTank, is hosted on their systems and I would also suggest you to start looking into it, as we'll deprecate API-v1.0 soon. 
> We've moved away from Rootspirit, the personal infrastructure of two friends and myself, and are now hosted on Linode. iLibris will manage the servers for us so we can focus on things that actually matter. ;)
> As this is cloud hosting, we can easily upgrade our hardware or deploy additional nodes if the need arises. So let this be a call to develop more, stronger, better and harder. The sky is the limit! 
> I would really like to thank iLibris and its awesome team for the help in this smooth migration. I'm convinced this is the start of a fruitful cooperation.
> Thank you all and good evening. 
> PS: Would any issue arise, please report them directly to Yeri at iRail.be.
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