[iRail] BeRoads

Pieter Colpaert pieter at iRail.be
Wed Apr 11 17:45:14 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,

Apparently http://beroads.com has launched. I think it would be great if
we provided some feedback.

My feedback:
 * Hide .php
 * m.beroads.com is so old fashioned. Put site at beroads.com in
about.beroads.com as this is not the most important thing, and but
m.beroads.com on beroads.com.
 * Let us help with your i18n. Your Dutch translations are not well
 * It's a small effort to keep us up to date when you launch something.
Help us communicate by first informing us and take care of these things.
We were a little shocked by the e-mail which stated that this was all
made possible by iRail, to very important people (we saw this as all
recipients were in the "to:"), which contained a lot of mistakes. These
are small things which make the difference between a professional
product and a product made by a couple of amateur students.

For the rest, great job! We're trying to get data feeds from traffic
centers in Belgium right now and iRail hopes to contribute better data
sets in the near future.

Kind regards,

iRail vzw/asbl
+32 (0) 486/747122

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