[iRail] Student Mobility Survey

Wouter Vandenneucker woutervddn at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 13:02:20 UTC 2012

Hey everybody

I'm pleased to tell you all that our Student Moblity
Survey<http://stumo.be>is (finally) online!
I'd like to take this chance to thank iRail for its help! The fact that we
can use your servers has been a great relieve for us.
It enabled us to actually make this survey as big as we wanted it to be.

I hope we gain a lot of data with this survey and I hope it will become
useful for both VVS (Flemish Association of students) and iRail.

Anne told me the first e-mail towards our own school (KHLim) will be send
later this afternoon.
Others will follow in the days/weeks to come.

We'll end the survey somewhere in march (exact date depends on the amount
of data that still comes in..)

We hope to get our conclusions ready by the end of April or the beginning
of May.
Then we can use the rest of May to send out a public statement about it..

Also, the goal is that people will be able to draw their own conclusions
with the help of a layer on top of the raw data.
During our Skype meeting in November it was said that iRail could take care
of that layer.
If I can be of any help with that, please let me know!

If someone, in the end, would like to make a kick-ass infographic about
that data it would be awesome!
(Yes Miet, I'm looking at you)

Anyhow, Anne and I will keep you all up to date. And once again: Thank you!


Wouter Vandenneucker
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