[kforge-dev] basic upgrade to gforge-4.0 completed

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Mon Jan 17 20:28:11 UTC 2005

After some more serious pain from gforge (when I say undocumented i mean 
undocumented!) i have managed to upgrade from the default 3.1 version that 
debian installes to 4.0. The main reason for this was to gain support for 
subversion (actually this is incomplete in 4.0 so to get the subversion 
support actually *working* required some more hacking around).

So we now have basic gforge + subversion. However there is still much to be 
sorted out such as:

1. subversion is completely open (no access restrictions). To sort this out 
will require patching mod_auth_pgsql (and maybe mod_dav_svn)

2. Need to create a kforge theme

3. sort out cron jobs (much basic housekeeping in gforge is done by cronjobs 
but these are a complete mess with at least 2 incompatible versions in the 
tarball and cvs). Probably will need to rewrite from ground up ...

4. various other minor items like sorting our viewcvs

5. backup

At this point we will roughly be in a alpha phase and could probably migrate a 
couple of minor projects there.

HOWEVER: Given experience with gforge so far I am quite tempted to just ditch 
it, or at least substantial portions, and rewrite (this is going to be 
necessary for some parts anyway).



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