[kforge-dev] subversion authentication now functional but issues remain

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Sun Jan 30 21:13:12 UTC 2005

I have now implemented subversion authentication via a patch of 
mod_auth_pgsql. So now you can:
1. do read-only access via http at http://scm.kforge.net/svn/<project_name>
2. have full access with authentication via 

To really get the flexibility that one would like need also to patch 
mod_dav_svn but I don't have much experience with C coding or the apache 
runtime library.

What i want is a bit of C code that will take unix style file paths and 
replace %n or $n by the return value of a function i supply.

e.g. if you have /var/lib/%1/joe

i want to get out: /var/lib/XX/joe where XX = get_real_value(%1)

I have the function get_real_value but need the function to parse through the 
path and call it. Something that extends to loop and also to concatenate back 
at the end:

char *ww = nextPartOfPath
if (*ww=='$' || *ww=='%')
	// Get vitual name for %1, %2 or %n
	w = get_virtual_name(r, ww);

	// No match
	if (w == NULL) {

This is pretty trivial but I don't want to cause a memory leak with some 
hamfisted pointer copying and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions 
(apache seems to provide a whole bunch of string manipulation functions that 
you should use that allocate memory off some central heap).



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