[kforge-dev] kforge-boot-tester

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftwarefoundation.org
Wed May 4 13:20:22 UTC 2005

I've written some stuff to automate checkout, build, install, and test.

Running this simple 'tester boot' script...


...should retrieve, save to a temporary location, and execute the latest 
automated checkout-build-install-test script...


...which checks out the latest files from the repository, builds and 
installs the whole system to another temporary location, and runs the 
system tests on the installation.

The thing would be to run the script regularly, and generate a warning 
email when the output isn't fine (such as it doesn't say all the tests 
run OK).

Currently, it should say 4 tests run OK.... ;-)

I would appreciate feedback on how it runs on other machines. I've got 
no idea if it works on Windows, but I have tried to code platform 
independently. But it really should work on Linux.

If it works, we have a stable, automatic way of checking whether the 
latest code in the repository is OK.

Best regards,


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