[kforge-dev] random q re python templating systems

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftwarefoundation.org
Mon Sep 19 15:31:44 UTC 2005

Hi Jo,

The Trac system uses clearsilver. There seem to be no complaints within 
that project.


It's language neutral, and so quite standalone. I have no experience 
with it myself, but answers to Trac questions often seem to end with the 
relaxed opinion "so I just need to write a clearsilver template".

Rufus: was it Clearsilver that Nick used for something of yours?

Best wishes,


Jo Walsh wrote:

>i have a semi-relevant question. I've been using the cheetah
>templating system - http://www.cheetahtemplate.org/docs/
>i just discovered a absolutely show-stopping bug involving it, where in 
>version 0.9.16 they have *changed* the way objects which are of subclasses of
>'dict' are looked at through templates, that interacts very badly with 
>my magical RDF objects.
>i can't distribute something which says, "oh, but make sure you use
>the previous version of this dependency, not the latest one."
>I'm wasting time trying to produce the simplest possible test case
>that shows the bug outside of the rdfobject mapper, for them.
>but this whole experience has put me off cheetah a bit. I picked it
>because there didn't seem to be a better category killer when i
>started with python. I don't really need most of its complexity.
>Does anyone here have a better recommendation for a standalone
>python templating engine that is actually stable, ideally simpler,
>that i can move to before it becomes too much of a PITA to port
>cheetah templates?
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