[kforge-dev] 2006 iteration 2: summary of planning meeting

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Fri Feb 10 13:02:08 UTC 2006


Using "yesterday's weather" we have estimated that there are 4 week 
units of work available for the next iteration and have pulled down the 
following use cases:

   * KforgeDev/UseCases/UseCase48 -- Browse complete list of packages 
and persons with pagination
   * KforgeDev/UseCases/UseCase49 -- Data migration from 0.9 to 0.9.1

   * OpenRegistry/UseCases/UseCase1 --  Visit service
   * OpenRegistry/UseCases/UseCase11 -- Registering a package
   * OpenRegistry/UseCases/UseCase8 --  View an individual package

Once the two kforge use cases are completed we will be in a position to 
make a 0.9.1 kforge release which will embody the latest changes such as 
access control and url layout.

At that point we then intend to start work on making a first version of 
the Open Registry.

Future Iterations

At present the rough plan over the next few iterations is to:

   * Gain feedback from our own and other users deployment of KForge
     * Fix bugs and streamline KForge as a result of that feedback
     * Find out what additional features and services are requested
   * Develop the first version of Open Registry


Rufus Pollock

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