[kforge-dev] release naming

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Fri Feb 10 13:08:55 UTC 2006

Following discussion with John I would like to suggest that we use 
setuptools-style release naming_[1]. This will yield names such as (in 
order oldest to newest):






A version consists of an alternating series of release numbers and 
pre-release or post-release tags. A release number is a series of digits 
punctuated by dots, such as 2.4 or 0.5. Each series of digits is treated 
numerically, so releases 2.1 and 2.1.0 are different ways to spell the 
same release number, denoting the first subrelease of release 2. But 
2.10 is the tenth subrelease of release 2, and so is a different and 
newer release from 2.1 or 2.1.0. Leading zeros within a series of digits 
are also ignored, so 2.01 is the same as 2.1, and different from 2.0.1.

Following a release number, you can have either a pre-release or 
post-release tag. Pre-release tags make a version be considered older 
than the version they are appended to. So, revision 2.4 is newer than 
revision 2.4c1, which in turn is newer than 2.4b1 or 2.4a1. Postrelease 
tags make a version be considered newer than the version they are 
appended to. So, revisions like 2.4-1 and 2.4pl3 are newer than 2.4, but 
are older than 2.4.1 (which has a higher release number).

A pre-release tag is a series of letters that are alphabetically before 
"final". Some examples of prerelease tags would include alpha, beta, a, 
c, dev, and so on. You do not have to place a dot before the prerelease 
tag if it's immediately after a number, but it's okay to do so if you 
prefer. Thus, 2.4c1 and 2.4.c1 both represent release candidate 1 of 
version 2.4, and are treated as identical by setuptools.

In addition, there are three special prerelease tags that are treated as 
if they were the letter c: pre, preview, and rc. So, version 2.4rc1, 
2.4pre1 and 2.4preview1 are all the exact same version as 2.4c1, and are 
treated as identical by setuptools.

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