[kforge-dev] access control to trac plugin

Fredrik Svensson svenna01 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 12 19:24:32 UTC 2006


The company I'm working for is considering using trac as a "*forge" site
for each customer. They will use trac but I suggested that I should look into
kforge as well to see if we could use it as a framework around trac...
But we need
some kind of unified access control for trac and kforge to make this a
valid choice.

I can't find a running site where I can test if there kforge controls the
url space for trac or if the apache dispatches directly to trac.

So the question is, is there or will there be any unified access control?
(I suppose one should use a wsgi login app for both...)

Another question is probably if kforge's aim is to be a replacement/alternative
for a normal gforge installation?

Best Regards
Fredrik Svensson

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