[kforge-dev] view classes revisited

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Fri May 12 19:18:48 UTC 2006

John Bywater wrote:
> Just a note to say that I've nearly finished the views (again).

Great work John.

> It was relatively difficult to develop general support for actions on 
> domain objects held as collections by other domain objects, especially 
> as I wanted to reuse most of the list/create/read/update/delete code 
> from the basic domain object views.

aka the 'admin admin' interface

> I'm feeling much better about the views now (it was tricky work). But 
> things are really quite neat now [1] [2]... :-)

Looks nice and i note that we've seen more than havling in file size 
since work began on the refactoring :)

> There are some neat abstract classes which really carry the load [3], 
> and the concrete view classes are really quite short statements about 
> access control, template file, navigation, a bit of workflow, and 
> mapping the parsed location onto the domain model. However, these 
> aspects could still be refactored much more.

I'm sure they can but let's wait until there is a real itch that needs 

> There's also a powerful ViewTestCase [4], which the view class unit 
> tests use. There's also good coverage from webunit tests [5].

This is very valuable work since it was something that was definitely 
missing before and as the app becomes more complex are crucial to our 
ability to continue to make progress.

> There are still a few loose ends to finished off (such as finishing 
> service and member update and delete views, and redeveloping support for 
> extensions to the service object, otherwise known as service plugins). 

By that i assume you mean the ability of plugins to provide web 
interface (kui) stuff. This would be very useful and we should put it 
down as a use-case and prioritize it as part of the next planning session.

> But the major problems have been solved, and almost everything is 
> working again.

Great news and well done on the hard work needed to sort this out.


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