[kforge-dev] Milestone 17: first pass on user story assignment

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Mon Sep 4 13:48:58 UTC 2006

 > (ii) at the start of each iteration, the customer chooses as many
 > user stories as completed on average during the last few iterations,
 > marks these within the issue tracker (e.g. against a Trac milestone),
 > when done the customer notifies the mailing list that this descision
 > has been made;

I made a first pass on assignment of tickets to milestone 17 (due end of 
september) in each of kforge, ckan and domainmodel. As with the previous 
iteration the prime focus will be on ckan (along with attendant 
improvments to domainmodel). At present I think we're looking to do the 
next release at the end of the milestone after this one, i.e. *at the 
end of October*.


## dm ##


3 tickets. May be more work derived from work on ckan and kforge (e.g. 
to templates).

## ckan ##


8 tickets split into 'files' and 'tags' work. All assigned to johnbywater.

## kforge ##


2 'fix' tickets related to trac both assigned to me. Might take more in 
here as we see fit.

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