[kforge-dev] Re: [kforge-user] Questions about improvements needed :-)

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftwarefoundation.org
Tue Jun 12 17:31:11 UTC 2007

FWD FYI - should have cc-ed...


Nicolas BLANC wrote:

>	Hi all,
>	I've posted a comment on the kforgeproject web site, about some
>improvements i need. Thx to Rufus for his answer (i try to convert our
>old svn server to mod_dav, it seems easyer than i had imagined). I'm
>very glad to know that the serach will be better in the near future :-)
>	But now, there is one feature i need, which will not be  made quickly
>by our lovely kforge developpers i think. The 'tags' feature. I need
>this or my own purpose. So i plan to implement it with my team. I ask
>you to know how i can do this job with kforge's dev team... In order to
>give this feature, if i can make it working ? (if , as i think, you
>can't do it quickly ;-) )
>	By 'tags feature', i mean what you can see on the mysql forge... Will
>be very usefull for us.

Hi Nicolas,

I think it's really great that you want to add tags to kforge. I agree,
we probably won't do it quickly.... :-)

If you want to work with kforge's dev team, please write unit tests to
check what is added, and please try to Do The Simplest Thing That Could
Possibly Work (rather than complicated, clever things). That way, KForge
will have a longer life....

I think tags are not trivial, in subtle ways. So would it be possible,
so everybody understands what is happening, on the kforge-dev list to
discuss the User Stories you want to support? I mean, if you want "what
you can see on the mysql forge" then let's write a list of what tagging
Use Cases mysql forge has?

I'm quite interested to have this discussion, because tagging is almost
becoming as common as registration/login, and so it would be very useful
to produce fairly general requirements for tagging domain objects, and
implement something fairly general that can be used by the other
domainmodel applications.

If this doesn't make any sense, just go ahead with your changes, and as
Rufus said, we'll look to integrate any patches you happen to submit.
But this will take more time, because we won't understand what you tried
to do.

In particular, I would like to help your team write the domain model for
tagging. But let's generate a simple list of tagging stories first?

What can you see on mysql forge? And where is it? :-)

Best wishes,


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