[kforge-dev] proposal: use buildbot and provide to test KForge [WAS: Re: trac tests - what a mess!]

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftware.net
Tue Oct 16 09:11:56 UTC 2007

Rufus Pollock wrote:
> John Bywater wrote:
>> Hi Rufus,
>> I wasted several hours this afternoon with KForge. I'm totally
> I'm really sorry to hear that John.

Thanks. The good news (!) is that I've now got a tentative theory that 
explains exactly why broken tests constitutes a problem. It also 
addresses the "writing more than you thought you were going to write on 
a wiki" phenomena you mentioned wanting to understand.

I'll try to run it past you when I see you next. ;-)

>> unimpressed that these tests don't actually work. I blame the crap
>> testing regime I've been forced to accept. Any idea what the following
> I hope you haven't been 'forced' to accept any testing regime. I think 
> we have both agreed that we would like to have more testing ...

I do feel unhappy that we're in a situation where some tests aren't run, 
where we have things that aren't under test, where we don't get 
immediate feedback when tests aren't passing, that sort of thing.

This wasn't my intention! So there are forces that have forced me into a 
situation where, rather than a few minutes, I spend a few hours and 
don't find my bug! As Data might say, this isn't within normal operating 
parameters. :-)

>> is all about? I'm running Debian stable.
> Looking at the below this seems to be an issue in. trac/libsvn and not 
> to do with kforge at all. I would note that when I upgraded from old 
> debian stable to the new one I encountered problems with libsvn due to 
> the fact related to the change from python2.3 to python2.4. It might 
> be worth uninstalled (and purging) your python-subversion package and 
> then reinstalling ...

Yes, I tried that, but still had the same. I agree, it probably isn't 
KForge. I suspect the Trac version that comes with Debian.

I propose we build a Buildbot-invoked Provide-managed KForge "daily 
build and smoke" arrangement, which reports to the kforge-dev list.

>> Bored, bored, bored.....
> I too have spent hours tracking down more or less subtle bugs so you 
> have my complete sympathies.

Thank you, that's appreciated. I know you have. Let's try to sort out 
the testing regime? Perhaps we can now unify our efforts in respect of 
the testing regime?

Best wishes,


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