[kforge-dev] Releasing KForge v0.16

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftware.net
Mon May 11 13:34:28 UTC 2009

Rufus Pollock wrote:
> I think it is time we released KForge v0.16. I assume this should be
> paired with Domain Model v0.6.

Sounds good to me!

> It has been running without problems on knowledgeforge.net now for the
> last month or so.

That's nice to hear.

The only issue (not release critical) I've seen is POSTing to a project
service without update permission: a 'basic auth' dialogue box appears.
I don't see why the client should be confused, since the request method
is always passed to the access controller.

> Do you want to the release to PyPI and announce to kforge-user or
> would you like me to?

Let's say, I'll release to PyPI and you post the announcement?

> Rufus
> PS: I have been looking at the Routes issues but haven't yet tracked
> down the bug ...

Is this release critical? I mean, if people install it on Debian stable,
will they be forced (by setuptools) to install an older version of
Routes that is compatible? Quite a lot of time has been put into making
KForge work with a range of Django and SQLObject versions, so it would
be a shame if incompatibility with ol' Routes spoils things.

The best thing might be simply to remove Routes and just concatenate
method parameters? Does Routes actually provide any other services to

> PPS: regarding lists I propose that we merge kforge-user with
> kforge-dev  and create a new kforge-announce list to which all those
> already on kforge-user and kforge-dev are subscribed. If we do this we
> should also probably turn off the automatic posting of svn changes to
> this list.

Sounds good. Shall we schedule a little time and do this together
sometime this week? If you just try me when you're free, you'll probably
find me in the office.

Best wishes,


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