[kforge-dev] [kforge-user] trac plugin / installation issue

Gert Brantner gb at fetznetz.it
Wed Nov 3 20:17:15 UTC 2010

hi John,

Am 03.11.10 16:38, schrieb John Bywater:
> Hi Gert,

> By "installer" I meant the "KForge virtualenv installer". Or were you

yes, i am using the virtenv script.

> That's a very good comment.
> The /path/to/kforgedata should be /path/to/kforge/data. That's an error.
> However, the /path/to/kforge/version vs. /path/to/kforge is trying (not
> very effectively) to say, "if you want to upgrade later, then you need
> different places for the different versions of the software
> (.../version), but then you'll want to put the project data (ie. Trac
> environments, source code repositories, etc.) in an adjacent place
> (.../data), so much later you can remove old software without
> accidentally removing the project data." I guess this needs working out
> some more. :-)

i gathered so much, this was just a side note. the only thing i noticed 
was that i got some example services i did not have when putting the 
data dir in a separate place.

>> same error, accessing the trac plugin gives:
>> ValueError: Can't change extraction path, files already extracted
>> it seems that both the SetEnv and python_option settings in the vhost
>> file do not have any effect at all.
> Do you think that could safely be removed?

it needs to be there if you want any other place than 
/var/www/.python-eggs (writeable) for kforge in general.

> If you find and edit:
> .../Trac-YOUR-VERSION.egg/trac/web/modpython_frontend.py
> and search for this line:
> pkg_resources.set_extraction_path(egg_cache)
> and insert this line before it:
> raise Exception, "Trac egg cache: %s" % egg_cache
> save, then restart Apache, load Trac in your browser, and look in your
> error log?
> You could also just set the egg_cache path directly in that file and see
> what happens then?
> Of course, I should say, don't forget to undo your changes afterwards
> (perhaps make a copy of modpython_frontend.py first). ;-)

coincidentially i was looking at the file after i unzipped the egg. this 
prints the egg cache i have set in the vhost config, in my case /tmp:

Exception: Trac egg cache: /tmp

(if i leave out setenv, it defaults to www-data's home/.python-eggs)

i am not a python coder, so forgive if i am wrong: the egg must get 
unzipped initially, or modpython_frontend.py would not be available.

it makes me think that unzipping is not the problem after all, but 
rather that it is attempted twice?

best regards,

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