[kforge-user] Svn repository checkin and checkout is very slow

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Thu Aug 24 16:39:02 UTC 2006

> Hello
>             After setting up the kforge system, giving support to 
> multiple instances, we have noticed that our checkin and checkout times 
> are affected dramatically using the tortoisesvn client.  When we surf 
> the repo over the web this is not the case. We can surf it as if it is 
> located on our own computer whereas when we try to browse it with 
> tortoise we can enjoy a cup of coffee while we wait for it to bring the 
> contents of that directory. I have created a repository with svnadmin 
> out side kforge and tried to reach it with tortoise to check if this 
> case is related with the particular version of svn server(1.3.2). But 
> this turned out to be false. Since the checkin checkout times of this 
> this new repo were splended. So what could be cause of the problem. Any 
> help will be more than welcome.

We've also seen a noticeable slowdown since the release of 0.11 though 
not to the same extent that you describe. The main cause is that the 
current accesscontrol code (kforge.accesscontrol) isn't as efficient as 
it might be. In particular it makes too many db look ups. For most 
activities this doesn't have a noticeable affect but for subversion it 
does. This is because subversion makes several requests for any given 
url (PROPFINDs etc) and also many subversion commands involve a *lot* or 
urls (e.g. svn up will traverse the entire subversion repository).

In terms of an immediate solution I am not sure what to recommend. As I 
said we are actively working on this issue and so there should be 
improvements with the next release (which will happen in then next 1-2 
months). We might also have a chance to backport the fix into kforge 
0.11 in which case you will get these fixes even sooner. If that isn't 
good enough let me know and perhaps there is something we can do to 
patch the current install to improve matters. For example you might be 
able to tinker with getApacheConfig in kforge.plugin.svn[1] (here it 
would be useful to know how you need to limit access to your repositories).


Rufus Pollock


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