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John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftware.net
Fri Aug 10 21:23:33 UTC 2007

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Dear Christopher,

Just a note to say thanks again for initiating the single hostname feature.

We took your patch as the basis, but did a few other things as well to 
make all of KForge work off the same hostname.

One related new feature is the uri_prefix configuration variable, which 
will allow KForge to be served from a location other than / on your 
single hostname.

I hope you can now tell your boss that your contribution was 
appreciated, accepted, and extended. It will be available when KForge 
0.13 is released.

If you would like to help us to test KForge 0.13 beta, then please 
either run the Provide installer, and then run the newly installed 
provide-kforge-0.13b1 script. The Provide installer is here:

or download KForge and install manually:

Would be very interested in your feedback. Hope all's well.

Best wishes,


PS We still didn't do per-service permissions. We could start a 
discussion about that if you're still interested.

Christopher Hesse wrote:
> Thanks very much for the response.  Attached should be the
> single-hostname patch.  If it is too kludgy, I'd appreciate some
> suggestions, since my boss wants any changes submitted to the parent
> project (and hopefully applied).  It pretty much adds a config file
> option to put everything on one host and supports media_prefix.
> Allowing the user to assign each host to an arbitrary hostname could
> be possible, but I didn't see a particularly pretty way to do it.
> Projects are simply hosted in the root area with some new names added
> to the reservedProjectName regexp.
> Per-service permissions appears to be the obvious solution.  But how
> to give specific roles specific permissions on specific services does
> seem so obvious.  I tried adding some attributes to the service class
> and creating a ServiceGrants class, but I get something like "Command
> failed. Details: Class 'Service' has mismatched attributes: {'grants':
> <HasMany typeName='ServiceGrant' name=''>}"
> I think ideally, a Service would have grants with 'role',
> 'permission', and 'service' attributes, indicating that the specified
> role should have the specified permission (assuming there exists the
> proper read permission that I am looking for).  Then Visitor (or
> whatever the anonymous user role) could be given read permission.

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