[kforge-user] Can KForge be installed in Plesk preinstalled server?

Nguyen Manh Cuong admin at designforjoomla.com
Thu Jul 19 16:05:06 UTC 2007


I am search for a CDE software to manage my new open source software project. After googling I found GForge and KForge which seem the 2 best CDE softwares available for free in open source form.

Unfortunately, my server is preinstalled with Plesk control panel and I currently use it to host some production websites so I cannot remove it from my server. This problem bans me from using GForge because GForge can only be installed on a fresh server.

Is there any way I can install and use KForge along with Plesk without breaking any production website I currently managed with Plesk?

Thank you for your support.

Nguyen Manh Cuong
Technical Manager
The DesignForJoomla.com team

Homepage: http://designforjoomla.com
Email: cuongnm at designforjoomla.com

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