[kforge-user] Re: Can KForge be installed in Plesk preinstalled server?

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftware.net
Thu Jul 19 18:51:54 UTC 2007

Dear Nguyen,

Great to hear you have root access via SSH to your server.

The best first step is to create a kforge user and install KForge within 
that user's home directory. Then we can be sure that you won't disturb 
Plesk, or anything else.

Unless you're in a big rush, I suggest you wait until next week when 
KForge version 0.13 will be released. That will save you the trouble of 
upgrading almost immediately. You will also have the option of managing 
your KForge service with Provide, which means upgrading KForge in the 
future will be trivial. But it's just an option.

Can you wait till next week?

Best wishes,


Nguyen Manh Cuong wrote:

>Dear John,
>Thank you very much for your informative reply.
>Yes, I have root access via SSH to my server so I can install KForge from command line. The big problem is that I am aware that install KForge might breaking the Plesk control panel I currently installed and used to host several production websites just like I learned with GForge.
>If you or any other KForge user here know about how to run KForge along with Plesk in same server please teach me.
>Thank you very much for your support.
>Nguyen Manh Cuong
>Technical Manager
>The DesignForJoomla.com team
>Homepage: http://designforjoomla.com
>Email: cuongnm at designforjoomla.com

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