[kforge-user] Hosting on single machine

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftwarefoundation.org
Tue Jun 12 16:47:20 UTC 2007

Rufus, Matthew, Christopher,

>> I would really like to host a kforge site here at the MRC CBU, but
>> getting aliased server names is very inconvenient.  And so, if
>> possible, I'd like something like this:
>> Home page: my.host.com/kforge
>> Media: my.host.com/kforge/media or my.host.com/kforgemedia
>> Project: my.host.com/kforge/myproject
>> Project service my.host.com/kforge/myproject/repo
>> Is that practical?  How would I go about it?
> This is our most requested item! It is also a ticket scheduled for 
> this milestone:
>   http://p.knowledgeforge.net/kforge/trac/ticket/44
> Even better I'm currently in the middle of implementing it. Current 
> target release for kforge 0.13 which will include it is the end of June.

Just wanted to check that this work includes Christopher Hesse's
contribution, who submitted a single hostname patch in February 07.

I've previously forwarded the patch both to Rufus and to Matthew....

Let's make sure we keep Christopher in the loop? I thought perhaps
Matthew and Christopher could pair-up for this enhancement, but let's at
least make sure that Christopher is happy with things?

Of course, I apologise for not having done anything with the patch
myself in the last few months....

Best wishes,


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