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dave at cucc.survex.com dave at cucc.survex.com
Wed May 9 23:00:24 UTC 2007

John Bywater wrote:
>  Hi Dave,
>  dave at cucc.survex.com wrote:
>  >Is it possible to import a Subversion dumpfile into a kforge svn
>  >repository? (I have some data to add to the Cave Data Repository
>  >project, but I'd like to preserve the existing revision history.)
>  >  
>  >
>  There isn't any special KForge feature to do this. So if you can find a 
>  way to do it with svn, it will almost certainly work with a kforge svn 
>  repository. Check the svn docs?

Well, I was actually thinking of the specific instance of KForge that is
KnowledgeForge -- apologies for being vague about this, I wasn't clear on the
distinction myself at the time. Anyway, I don't have filesystem access to the
KnowledgeForge server, and to load svn dumpfiles (using "svnadmin load") I'd
need this. So I'm stuck.

(I gather SourceForge has some special automated script for loading dumpfiles,
-- indeed it was reading the docs for that which made me wonder if
KnowledgeForge was capable of doing this -- and that suggests to me there may
be no other easy way of importing repositories with existing revision history.)


David Loeffler
Mathematics Department
Imperial College, London

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