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John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftwarefoundation.org
Thu May 10 19:31:32 UTC 2007

dave at cucc.survex.com wrote:

>Well, I was actually thinking of the specific instance of KForge that is
>KnowledgeForge -- apologies for being vague about this, I wasn't clear on the
>distinction myself at the time. Anyway, I don't have filesystem access to the
>KnowledgeForge server, and to load svn dumpfiles (using "svnadmin load") I'd
>need this. So I'm stuck.
>(I gather SourceForge has some special automated script for loading dumpfiles,
>-- indeed it was reading the docs for that which made me wonder if
>KnowledgeForge was capable of doing this -- and that suggests to me there may
>be no other easy way of importing repositories with existing revision history.)

It would appear not :-(. But that's a good feature, which we could add
to KForge (and provide on KnowledgeForge). I've created a ticket for
this issue:


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