[kforge-user] Help with initial setup

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Mon Nov 26 16:24:56 UTC 2007

Mike Crowe wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Can you please point me in the right direction to accomplish the
> following?
> 1)  I'd like to restrict all projects to registered users (i.e. you
> must register before you can review projects).  Is this possible?

Yes, this should be possible (KForge has a proper role/permissions setup 
  to support this kind of thing).

First some info about the setup:

   * unregistered users get the role of a special reserved user named 
   * when the system install it creates 4 default roles: Administrator, 
Developer, Friend, Visitor
   * users are assigned to one of these roles both at the system level 
and per project (i.e. you can be an Administrator on a Project without 
being an Adminstrator of the System). The first role is called the 
system role and the second the project role (obviously this second only 
makes sense when in the context of a specific project)
   * the role that 'visitor' is assigned to is defined by kforge.conf

Now, when you talk about restricting do you mean that a non-registered user:

a) isn't able to read/modify project subsystem applications (svn, moin etc).
b) or (stronger) that they cannot see the projects at all

If (a) then should get this by default since 'visitor' is assigned the 
'Visitor' role (both at System and Project level).

If (b) you then you'll need to modify the permissions for the 'Visitor' 
role. Specifically, you'd want to delete the Project-Read permission 
from the Visitor role's permissions. You can do this by visiting:


clicking Update Role and then changing the list of grants.

> 2)  I need to have a Terms & Conditions agreement that is part of the
> registration process.  Or more generally, where would I configure the
> registration process?

Hmmm, I guest your best approach at present is to modify the templates, 
in particular:


Either you can do this in place or you could create your own set of 
templates (by copying and then modifying the default ones). This would 
be the same as modifying the theme, see the instructions at:


> 3)  Where/How do I configure the Moin plugin and how it interfaces?  



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