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Mike Crowe mike at mikeandkellycrowe.com
Tue Nov 27 20:40:36 UTC 2007

Thanks, Rufus,

Next issue:  Now I'm getting:
Request Method: 	GET
Request URL: 	http://linux/person/create//project/
Exception Type: 	NameError
Exception Value: 	global name 'isCaptchaEnabled' is not defined
Exception Location:
in buildFields, line 124

but in my kforge.conf I have enabled=0 in the captcha section.  What's
wrong with this?


Rufus Pollock wrote:
> Mike Crowe wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> Can you please point me in the right direction to accomplish the
>> following?
>> 1)  I'd like to restrict all projects to registered users (i.e. you
>> must register before you can review projects).  Is this possible?
> Yes, this should be possible (KForge has a proper role/permissions
> setup  to support this kind of thing).
> First some info about the setup:
>   * unregistered users get the role of a special reserved user named
> 'visitor'
>   * when the system install it creates 4 default roles: Administrator,
> Developer, Friend, Visitor
>   * users are assigned to one of these roles both at the system level
> and per project (i.e. you can be an Administrator on a Project without
> being an Adminstrator of the System). The first role is called the
> system role and the second the project role (obviously this second
> only makes sense when in the context of a specific project)
>   * the role that 'visitor' is assigned to is defined by kforge.conf
> Now, when you talk about restricting do you mean that a non-registered
> user:
> a) isn't able to read/modify project subsystem applications (svn, moin
> etc).
> b) or (stronger) that they cannot see the projects at all
> If (a) then should get this by default since 'visitor' is assigned the
> 'Visitor' role (both at System and Project level).
> If (b) you then you'll need to modify the permissions for the
> 'Visitor' role. Specifically, you'd want to delete the Project-Read
> permission from the Visitor role's permissions. You can do this by
> visiting:
> <your-installation/admin/model/Role/Visitor/>
> clicking Update Role and then changing the list of grants.
>> 2)  I need to have a Terms & Conditions agreement that is part of the
>> registration process.  Or more generally, where would I configure the
>> registration process?
> Hmmm, I guest your best approach at present is to modify the
> templates, in particular:
> <http://knowledgeforge.net/kforge/trac/browser/trunk/src/kforge/django/templates/kui/project/create.html>
> Either you can do this in place or you could create your own set of
> templates (by copying and then modifying the default ones). This would
> be the same as modifying the theme, see the instructions at:
> http://www.kforgeproject.com/doc/guide
>> 3)  Where/How do I configure the Moin plugin and how it interfaces?  
> <http://knowledgeforge.net/kforge/trac/browser/trunk/src/kforge/plugin/moin/__init__.py>
> ~rufus



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