[kforge-user] kforge status ?

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Thu Feb 21 12:42:57 UTC 2008

Nicolas Steinmetz wrote:
> Hello,
> What is the status of kforge ?

Stable essentially.

> The 1.0 was expected for end 2007 if I remember well with a 0.15 in 
> october or november.

With a few minor updates (e.g. of dependencies) KForge could be released 
as 1.0 now.

> By looking at trac timeline there is not a lot of activity on the 
> project for a long time. kforge-dev list shows commits on domainmodel 
> but nothing on kforge.

That is essentially for 2 reasons:

1. core work has moved into domainmodel (which was originally part of 

2. KForge itself is pretty stable -- at least in the day-to-day usage of 
the main developers :) -- and provides most of the services we need. If 
people have suggestions for new features and wanted to help implement 
this we'd be delighted to here. We'd also be delighted if people want to 
add documentation -- I know you were active on this at one point and we 
continue to welcome additions to the wiki etc [1] (login as 
tracguest/tracguest if you want to edit!).


> At my level, I came back to manual trac installation as I switched to 
> mod_wsgi (instead of mod_python) and mercurial (instead of svn).

Sure. If you just want svn/hg + trac for one or two projects that can be 
a good way to go. If you want a system that will do more (e.g. support 
of multiple projects, support of moinmoin, wordpress etc as well) then 
KForge may be for you :)

On a final point we'd love to move to a completely wsgi based setup (and 
we've been experimenting on-and-off for over a year with wsgi 
front-controller setups) but so far mod-python has been the only way to 
do transparent authentication and authorisation for things like 
subversion. If you know of some good way to do wsgi proxying to things 
like svn repositories *please* let us know.


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