[kforge-user] kforge status ?

Nicolas Steinmetz nsteinmetz at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 16:16:35 UTC 2008

Rufus Pollock a écrit :

> That is exactly how KForge is supposed to work! You log in to KForge to 
> log in to trac (and trac automatically picks up your kforge log in). 
> That way once you are user on the Kforge project you get access to trac.

So IMHO, if user is not authenticated, it should be redirected to the
kforge instead of having an identification box that will never work :-(

Still imho, there is no need to go through kforge auth if we already
know where the project is stored. A direct access should exist.

> That seems like modwsgi now provides authentication hooks (but not 
> authorization) similar to mod-python. However there doesn't seem to be 
> anything in there that relates to the proxying issue which was really 
> the obstacle to doing the simple all-in-one front-controller I was 
> talking about -- i.e. something that would avoid using apache for 
> authentication and dispatch and moving it all inside your python 
> controller. But thanks for the pointer.

Oups sorry, I read quickly and missed the point authentification vs
authorization ;-)

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