[kforge-user] KForge database trouble

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftware.net
Wed Nov 3 11:02:29 UTC 2010

Hi Sriram,

Sriram Chadalavada wrote:
> Thanks John.  libapache2-mod-python package got me past that error.
> But there seems to be one last error:
> Invalid command 'DAVLockDB', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module
> not included in the server configuration
>    ...fail!
> I tried installing  libapache2-mod-dav but E: Couldn't find package
> libapache2-mod-dav.

If you want to use DAV or Subversion make sure the Apache modules are 

$ sudo a2enmod dav
$ sudo a2enmod dav_fs
$ sudo a2enmod dav_svn

That information is contained in the KForge INSTALL file. You will need 
to enable the KForge DAV plugin. You can find out how from reading the 
KForge INSTALL file.

Of course, do ask more questions if there are any further problems!

> Btw, I am introducing KForge as THE project management/hosting site at my
> client's site and hope that it will be of great use to everyone going
> forward.

That's great to hear! If you have any further difficulties, please do 
let me know.

Best wishes,


> Cheers,
> Sriram

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