[kforge-user] [kforge-dev] trac plugin / installation issue

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftware.net
Wed Nov 3 15:38:43 UTC 2010

Hi Gert,

Gert Brantner wrote:
> hi John,
> if you mean the debian packages, they do not work on lenny. i dont't 
> want to bring in any etch dependencies at the moment.

By "installer" I meant the "KForge virtualenv installer". Or were you 
wondering about something else I said?

If you just run:

$ ./kforge-virtualenv /path/to/kforge

what happens?

> i just retried again, this time avoiding to put the data dir in a 
> separate place, since the INSTALL instructions are a bit misleading at 
> that point ("/path/to/kforge/data" vs. "/path/to/kforgedata" & 
> "/path/to/kforge/version" vs. "/path/to/kforge"), but that is not the 
> point.

That's a very good comment.

The /path/to/kforgedata should be /path/to/kforge/data. That's an error.

However, the /path/to/kforge/version vs. /path/to/kforge is trying (not 
very effectively) to say, "if you want to upgrade later, then you need 
different places for the different versions of the software 
(.../version), but then you'll want to put the project data (ie. Trac 
environments, source code repositories, etc.) in an adjacent place 
(.../data), so much later you can remove old software without 
accidentally removing the project data." I guess this needs working out 
some more. :-)

> same error, accessing the trac plugin gives:
> ValueError: Can't change extraction path, files already extracted
> it seems that both the SetEnv and python_option settings in the vhost 
> file do not have any effect at all.

Do you think that could safely be removed?

> i tried to unzip the egg in the site-packages directory like indicated 
> here http://threebit.net/mail-archive/trac/msg00141.html, but to no avail.

It was worth trying. ;-)

> i wonder how to find out where the hell the trac plugin wants to extract..

If you find and edit:

and search for this line:


and insert this line before it:

  raise Exception, "Trac egg cache: %s" % egg_cache

save, then restart Apache, load Trac in your browser, and look in your 
error log?

You could also just set the egg_cache path directly in that file and see 
what happens then?

Of course, I should say, don't forget to undo your changes afterwards 
(perhaps make a copy of modpython_frontend.py first). ;-)

Best wishes,


> best regards,
> Gert

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