[knowledgeforge-user] Trac admin and plugins

Daniel Weck daniel.weck at gmail.com
Mon Aug 20 16:52:25 UTC 2007

Dear Kforge / KnowledgeForge users,

I am trying to install a few Trac plugins for agile software project  


Using the Trac "admin" interface, I can upload the plugin fine:

I have checked inside the 'plugins' directory using WebDav, and the  
'.egg' files are there, like expected.

However, it seems that the Trac plugin list is not updated properly,  
as none of the new plugins actually appear here.

Using WebDav, I can edit the Trac configuration file (conf/trac.ini)  
to directly enable the plugins:

timingandestimationplugin.* = enabled
burndown.* = enabled
worklog.* = enabled

...but this does not seems to work.

I think this is because for most plugins, the following command line  
instruction is needed to complete installation:
$trac-admin /path/to/projenv upgrade

However this is impossible as KnowledgeForge does not provide a shell  

Actually, the httpd / tracd server should also be restarted in order  
to understand the URLs for the new plugin functionality. That of  
course is not something a KnowledgeForge can do ;)

I thought I would be able to read the Trac log in order to find a  
solution to this problem, but even the log doesn't work (no file is  
generated in my WebDav mounted filesystem):

I have tried log-out + log-in, without success.

Trac is great, but without plugins, the collaborative functionality  
is pretty limited.

Thanks for helping ! :)
Kind regards, Daniel.

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