[knowledgeforge-user] KnowledgeForge, Backups, Trac WebAdmin

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Mon Aug 20 11:12:04 UTC 2007

Daniel Weck wrote:
> Hi Rufus !
> I am still in the process of evaluating KForge, and the KnowledgeForge 
> hosting solution in particular.
> To be honest my main concern at the moment is that I am trying to find 
> out whether the KnowledgeForge will be maintained sufficiently to 
> guarantee our project's data integrity over several years to come. For 

We've now been running for over 2.5 years so we have been around a 
while. We run KnowledgeForge for the benefit of the open knowledge 
community and we hope to continue running it long into the future. That 
said we are a not-for-profit and the development of KForge and the 
running of the KnowledgeForge service depends on volunteers and 
donations. As a result you are unlikely to get the same level of service 
or quality as a pay-for service -- and I note other 'pro-bono' services 
even where run by large organizations can have issues or have slow 
support (e.g. sourceforge or google groups).

To put it simply: we do our best and we plan to be around for the 
foreseeable future but there are no guarantees. Even well-known 
providers may not still be around in 5 (or even 3) years. If excellent 
reliability and support are essential to you you probably need to look 
at a paid-for service of some kind.

> example, it would be disastrous if we lost our SVN source code, due to 
> the lack of hardware redundancy or because of a software glitch.
> Any thoughts ?

This would be terrible: we do make out own off-site backups but you 
should probably make your own backup using rsync (see below).

> I am looking into ways of making backups of our project's data 
> (WordPress, MoinMoin, Trac: wiki+tickets+etc.) Thanks to the WebDav 
> mount, I can make backups of some of the data. Are there plans to 
> improve the backup procedure via a web-interface or command-line 
> procedure ?

You can backup via rsync, see:


> I would love to be able to control Trac from the WebAdmin plugin. It 
> will be built-in from 0.11 but until then, we can install the plugin 
> separately, like I did via WebDav:
> - add the .egg inside the "plugins" directory
> - add additional configuration in trac.ini: [components] webadmin.* = 
> enabled
> However, it seems that the "admin" URL is not configured properly in 
> httpd.conf:
> http://knowledgeforge.net/urakawa/trac/admin
> Are there plans to enable Trac's WebAdmin module in the near future ?

It shoudl be already installed and all you should have to do is edit 
trac.ini in the way you have done. However I think there may have been a 
small issue with it last week (due to upgrade of kforge to v0.13) which 
stopped it working. Please check again and report whether it is still 


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