[knowledgeforge-user] Trac spam ...

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Sun Feb 11 18:10:27 UTC 2007

Dear All,

Unfortunately the upgrade to kforge v0.12 introduced a subtle bug that 
resulted in anonymous users being able to make posts on trac (so they 
could create and modify tickets etc). As a result quite a few of the 
trac installations got spammed. As an interim measure we have removed 
any write permissions from anonymous users on all trac installations.

We also note that KForge v0.12 introduced a feature that means that 
admin users on a KForge project are automatically given TRAC_ADMIN 
permissions when the trac project is created (if you created your a trac 
installation prior to December please let us know and we'll manually 
give you TRAC_ADMIN permissions). As we have also installed the trac 
admin plugin this should mean that administrators of KForge projects 
should be able to access the Trac Admin section and use that to set 
permissions (and if necessary delete spam tickets -- to do this make 
sure you have enabled the ticket delete plugin).


Rufus Pollock

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