[knowledgeforge-user] Issues with svn and knowledgeforge

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Thu Dec 18 11:26:04 UTC 2008

Dear Julian,

Sorry for delay in responding which resulted from my investigating this further.

I had already been encountering similar error on one particular
machine on which there are svn checkouts but had thought it was an
issue with that machine. What I know so far from my own experiences:

1. As you say it seems only to related to adding files not committing
changes to existing files.

2. Looking at the server logs I see errors like:

(2)No such file or directory: Multi-author commits not supported.  [501, #0]

3. This error does *not* occur on all client machines.

Extensive googling re. 2 has not turned up any very useful info.
However, one thing I would note is that the machines where I have
issues is running svn client 1.5.1 while the server is running svn
v1.4.2. Perhaps there is a problem here ...

This is clearly very annoying but at the present I don't know what to
suggest other than to check your svn client and perhaps downgrade. Any
better suggestions welcome.



On 16/12/08 15:00, Julian Todd wrote:
> Rufus,
> Problem with adding new files and checking them in on the svn to knowledgeforge:
> Command: Commit
> Adding:
> REBECCA\Tunnel\mmmmc\NottsII_New\RawScans\NottsII-CommitteePot-Comsvx-1.jpg
> application/octet-stream
> Error: Commit failed (details follow):
> Error: Server sent unexpected return value (501 Method Not Implemented) in
> response to
> Error: PROPFIND request for
> '/sesame/club/!svn/wrk/0ce069b1-3761-144b-b297-dd250dc828b5/mmmmc/NottsII_New/Ra
> wScans/Nottjavascript:SetCmd(cmdSend);sII-CommitteePot-Comsvx-1.jpg'
> Finished!:
> I can check out.  I can alter files and check them in.  I can't add a new file
> and check it in.  Any ideas?
> Julian

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